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549 या अधिक की खरीद पर डिलीवरी फ्री

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प्रकाशक: Palette Books -An Imprint of साहित्य विमर्श प्रकाशन


Age Recommendation: Above 18 Years
ISBN: 978-93-92829-07-9 SKU: PB2962 Category:

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Set in 1800’s the book is a paranormal adventure novel about how a cunning english captain, an anglo iranian anthropologist and group of english soliders and tantriks try to fight the dreadful being called Chedipe that had been terrorizing the locals.
Who is this Chedipe? What was her story?
Was this group able to defeat this being?

She has always been with us and will always be our haunting shadow.

Chedipe entices, seduces, exploits and then kills. She traps men with beauty and repulses them with ugliness. Confronting her are a cunning English Captain, an Anglo-Iranian Anthropologist and an Indian Subedar. But can these desperados fight and defeat a supernatural being that has conquered death?

This is the hidden history of an ancient Vampire, who terrorised the villagers of Hindustan, worried the fledgling Company Raj and interested the wily and merciless thugs in the 1800s.

Vickram E. Diwan is an author, editor and researcher of occult, paranormal and Satanist cults and beliefs. His 'Warlock' series of novels were well received by readers, reviewers and commentators in India and abroad. He professes his liking for the ""East-West '' cocktail with Indian & western characters and beliefs. He writes historical fiction, thrillers and adventure stories with elements of horror and paranormal. He lives in Delhi, India with his family.